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Mosquito Control

  • Mosquito Control

    Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are the most important single group of insects with regards to public health it is remarkably adaptable and fully cosmopolitan group with over 3000 species distributed throughout the world Some species are capable of living in every conceivable collection of water Throughout human history, mosquitoes have been a constant impediment to progress. causing great suffering on account of their blood sucking habits and their ability to support and transit disease causing organisms. Despite Natural Forces and the extension of environmental changes produced by man, mosquitoes continue to thrive wherever there are human populations Mosquitoes have a pronounced effect on human health and welfare Besides the discomfort and Irritation caused by the bite itself, mosquitoes are the vectors of Malaria. Filariasis Dengue, Encephalitis and Yellow Fever, the five of the most dread diseases in the world today We provide mosquito control measures of Factories, where workers are employed. Houses. Restaurants. Townships Colonies and group Apartments.

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